I’ve been doing quite a bit of thinking about siunitx version 2. My original plan was to write everything in standard LaTeX2e code, but the more I thought about things the more it has not looked like such a good idea. siunitx needs a lot of programming tools, and these are almost all available in the experimental LaTeX3 code which is now approaching stability. At the same time, there are still some difficult issues to solve for siunitx, and I’m going to need some more support stuff, I think. So I’ve revised my ideas on how to progress.

Currently, I’m moving the code I have already re-written to use LaTeX3 conventions internally. I’m then going to try to solve the remaining issues for version 2. The aim is to have a package which will run on LaTeX2e, using LaTeX3 internals, so that I can eventually create a LaTeX3-only edition with the same interface ideas. I’m going to try to crack on with things, but it will take a while to solve the remaining issues!