September 13, 2022

Math mode: $...$ vs \(...\)

A topic that comes up for many LaTeX users is how best to mark up math mode in sentences: inline math mode. LaTeX offers three (!) official ways to do that

March 21, 2022

siunitx v3.1: complex values

I mentioned recently that I’m working on features for siunitx v3.1. One area that I’ve now been able to commit is improvements to handling complex values.

March 11, 2022

siunitx v3.1 development

I’ve now done 49 (!) minor releases of siunitx on the v3.0.x branch. These have addressed quite a few minor bugs: I expected to have to do a bit of work since the shift from v2 was quite major.

November 19, 2021

siunitx v3 successes

The third major release of siunitx was out in May, after the TeX Live 2021 DVD. That means it’s been picked up primarily by more active users: people who install TeX between the ‘fixed’ DVD releases (or who use MiKTeX). It also didn’t initially appear on Overleaf, as they take a while to test TeX Live images before making them public.

November 19, 2021

A new theme

I’ve been meaning for a little while to look properly at my Jeykll theme for the site and tidy it up: it was a bit basic. Prompted in part by Will Robertson, I decided that now is the moment.

August 24, 2021

Talking about units

Usually, I keep my day job (as a university lecturer in chemistry) and my LaTeX work separate. Of course, I use LaTeX at work for things like lecture handouts, but most of the time the two areas don’t directly intersect.

May 17, 2021

Moving from siunitx v2 to v3

With v3 of siunitx out, I am as expected getting quite a few questions about moving from v2. In the main, this is quite easy as there is a decent amount of compatibility code. Here, I’ll pick out a few cases where you might want some adjustments.

May 10, 2021

siunitx v3 beta 2

Following up on the recent first beta for siunitx, I’ve now made a second beta available. There was only one issue picked up so far by testers, plus of course those I’ve spotted myself. In particular, I’ve allowed a way to set the text font manually if simply resetting back to the standard one doesn’t work. I’ve also sneaked in a late addition: the ability to parse and print uncertainties the way NIST seem to suggest they should appear.

April 16, 2021

siunitx v3 beta

I’ve been talking about a new version of siunitx for ages. Progress has been slow but I’ve now put my back into it and got to a feature-complete version: I’m calling this v3.0.0-beta. As this is a beta release, it’s not ready for production just yet, but it is ready for proper testing. I’ve made the TDS-style zip file available here; if you know how to use this kind of file, please download and test!

August 20, 2020

\NewDocumentCommand versus \newcommand versus ...

Creating new document commands in LaTeX has traditionally been the job of \newcommand. This lets you create command with mandatory arguments, and can also add a first optional argument. However, it can’t create more complex commands: LaTeX uses for example stars, multiple optional arguments, etc. To create these, the kernel itself uses lower-level TeX programming. But this is opaque to many users, and a variety of packages have been created to ease the burden.

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