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I’m Joseph Wright, a research chemist by trade (I’m a university lecturer in ‘Energy Materials’). Using and programming TeX (and particularly LaTeX) is quite a serious hobby for me, and I take an interest in a number of different developing areas. I’m also a member of the LaTeX Project, with a particular interest in LaTeX3 development. If you are chemistry-inclined my ORCiD listing.

UK-TUG Committee

I am on the Committee of the UK TeX User Group (UK-TUG), and am currently the Secretary. Anyone interested in TeX in the UK is encouraged to visit the group web page and consider joining.


I am happy to allow reuse of the text of posts in general but do retain copyright: please contact me for discussion. For code (material normally given in <pre> tags and intended for processing by TeX, Lua or some other programming language), samples provided here are for general benefit and are subject to the CC0 dedication: ‘No Rights Reserved’. As such, you may reuse such code posted here for any purpose without restriction. Note that this of course does not apply to places where I am quoting code written by others, where they therefore hold copyright and where my quotations are intended to fall within the scope of fair dealing in UK law.

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  1. Your LinkedIn profile seems to be down 🙁
    Do you have any news about LaTeX3? I Am really looking forward to hearing some news on the topic as I depend deeply on LaTeX for my studies. Great work!

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