Who writes this stuff?

I’m Joseph Wright, a research chemist by trade (I’m a university lecturer in ‘Energy Materials’. Using and programming TeX (and particularly LaTeX) is quite a serious hobby for me, and I take an interest in a number of different developing areas. I’m also a member of the LaTeX Project, with a particular interest in LaTeX3 development. If you are chemistry-inclined my ORCiD listing.

I am happy to allow reuse of the text of posts in general but do retain copyright: please contact me for discussion. For code (material normally given in <pre> tags in the HTML version and intended for processing by TeX, Lua or some other programming language), samples provided here are for general benefit and are subject to the CC0 dedication: ‘No Rights Reserved’. As such, you may reuse such code posted here for any purpose without restriction. Note that this of course does not apply to places where I am quoting code written by others, where they therefore hold copyright and where my quotations are intended to fall within the scope of fair dealing in UK law.