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Usually, finding a symbol in (La)TeX means reading through Scott Pakin’s Comprehensive Symbol List. However, that can be hard if all you know is what the symbol looks like. A while ago, there was a suggestion to create some kind of system to find symbols from a drawing. Daniel Kirsch has now taken this on and created Detexify. Initial impressions are very good: the idea is great and is clearly something to keep an eye on. The system relies on being trained: hopefully, a few people taking an interest will build up a good set of training data quickly.

7 thoughts on “Finding symbols

  1. fwiw, i drew a random symbol in detexify and it came up with several good choices. it seems it’s already well trained, presumably on the existing fonts? dunno. anyway, it was pretty nifty; i invited him to write an article for tugboat.

  2. Great, a TUGBoat article would be nice. As you say, it already seems pretty good (I’ve been doing a little training to help out).

  3. this is great – i’ve just spent ~1 hour doing some training. although it would be great if you could go thru the list more systematically, eg. hat{a}, hat{b}, …, acute{a}, …

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