A rare foray outside of the strictly TeX-related: as it’s about the blog itself I think its OK! As you might notice on visiting the site, I’ve enabled https for the site. Why have I done that? Well, if you read the WordPress News it’s clear that they are pushing toward more use of secure access. (As you might guess, the back-end for the blog is WordPress.) There are wider moves toward ‘https everywhere’, so it seemed like as good a time as any to do the work.

For readers, there should be no change at all in the site. For those interested in the detail, I’ve moved the hosting to SiteGround as they offer Let’s Encrypt: a free SSL certificate system suitable for small-scale sites like this one. (If anyone is feeling particularly generous, I’ve got a referral URL which will give me some free service in return for pointing to my new host!) The process was largely trouble-free: I’ve taken the opportunity to re-build the site from scratch (just using the dumps of the content) and to remove some older ‘back-end’ rubbish (old plugins and the like). Again, for readers this should be transparent!