TUGBoat Vol 32, No. 2: Highlights

The regular arrival of TUGBoat is always welcome, and a chance for an interesting read. Everyone will have their favourite entry, but I thought I’d pick out one or two highlights.

Hans Hagen writes about creating e-books using ConTeXt. Now, there is a lot of very good information in the article about the problems at hand. However, what makes it a highlight for me is the take he has on the e-book concept. There are a lot of very good points about the limits of an electronic book: for example, drop a book and it will be fine, drop an e-book …

Another highlight for me is not an original article but a reprint. Now reprints on TeX topics are not unusual, but in this case they’ve looked a bit wider and included one from Print, a magazine dedicated to visual design. Looking at books as design objects, rather than as something to code, is a refreshing change (at least for me)!

The third highlight for me is not a single article, but a set of book reviews. Boris Veytsman has taken on the task of co-ordinating (and often writing) reviews, and the current TUGBoat includes four. Hopefully this will be a regular feature, and help keep us all up to date with what’s going on in print for both TeX users and the wider world.

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  1. Total concurrence on Boris’ great work on reviews (he also had the idea and did most of the work for the Print reprint). I’d like to mention that we decided to put the book reviews online immediately, as they are completed, even before the TUGboat issue is available. http://tug.org/books (at the bottom).

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