Herbert Voß translated

I recently stumbled across the fact that UIT have published English translations of several of Herbert Voß’s (La)TeX books. Herbert is a prolific author of TeX support material, perhaps most notable the Math Mode guide. He’s also the current maintainer of PStricks. As you’d therefore expect, the titles available include Typesetting Mathematics with LaTeX and PS Tricks, along with a LaTeX Quick Reference and Typesetting Tables with LaTeX. That’s right: there is a whole book just for setting tables correctly! The translations all seem to have appeared over the last year or so, and I think would be great additions to the bookshelf.

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  1. I also noted ads for a forthcoming book by him titled “Presentations by LaTeX”, that also should be an interesting book given that he maintains Powerdot. Hopefully it will cover beamer and poster presentation options as well.

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