Writing this blog requires a surprising amount of effort. I’m lucky that as I focus on development quite a bit things turn up for me to write about. Even so, finding new topics and actually writing about them is not a trivial process. It’s amazing how long even a short note can take to get down into a form that makes sense.

Reading the latest issue of The PracTeX Journal I was reminded of this by the column by Dave Walden. He’d written a column there, Travels in TeX Land, since the journal came into being five years ago. Dave has found many different things to say, looking at different things that he’s done using TeX. Each entry is different, and I think all of them are enlightening. The latest Travel in TeX Land is also the last

This will be my final TeX Land column in this journal. I am pleased to have provided a column for every previous issue, but it is now time for me to focus on other things.

However, it looks like inspiration is not the issue, as we are also assured that there will be continued TeX-related writings available from [http://www.walden-family.com/public/texland/]. I do hope that new insights continue to appear there.

Speaking of inspiration, if there is anything you think I should talk about here I’m always happy to get feedback. I do look round for potentially-interesting things to include, but the odd one does slip past.