Demand for LaTeX training

As part of my activities with the UK TeX Users’ Group, I’m helping to set up and run a LaTeX training course at the end of the month. Unlike other courses I’ve seen in the UK, we are running this one as ‘open to all’ for a pretty nominal fee. What’s surprised me is that it has proved to be very popular indeed. We had 25 places, and they were all used up some time ago. My list of people who are interested in another similar course has now reached 29 names, which probably means that we can fill a second course without any more effort at all! I hope that we’ll be able to do a second course at some stage in the autumn: as you might imagine the problem is availability of time for people to actually do it. Of course, I’m happy to hear about anyone else interested in registering, as I’ll add them to the list for the second course and any others that end up being run. New LaTeX users are a good thing, and so I’m keen to train as many people as show an interest.

4 thoughts on “Demand for LaTeX training

  1. Hello Joseph,

    you didn’t mention where this course will take place.
    I think it will be at your university, but to be sure …

  2. Not exactly. My university (UEA, Norwich, UK) has just opened a small site in London. We are holding the course there, but this is as a commercial rental, with UK-TUG paying the costs.

  3. Excellent, Joseph.

    I have found that many traditional pieces of technology now have a more prosperous community in Europe than where they were originated. Tex and Lisp come to my mind. I always admire how Till Tantao single-handled create beamer and pgf/tikz.

  4. It’s certainly true that there is a lot of TeX-related stuff outside of Europe. Don’t dismiss the work there, though. TeX Live is driven by Karl Berry, for example!

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