The LaTeX kernel does not make it easy to make new types of float. As a result, packages such as float and floatrow have been developed to make life easier. The memoir class includes similar functionality. However, all of these systems still require modifications to get new floats to look like the base LaTeX ones. So some time ago I wrote the trivfloat package, which warps all of this up into a single macro. I’ve not heard much from users, so the package had not been looked at by me for about 18 months, until today.

What happened today? An e-mail from Hinrich Goehlmann, who found a bug in the package. Hinrich was in a hurry (apparently he’s got a book to get to the publishers), so I got the bug sorted and something back to him over lunch. I then decided to review the package rather more carefully, and the result is v1.4, on its way to CTAN now. I’ve extended the functionality a bit, added support for floatrow, tidied up the code and also fixed the bugs (I hope). I’m pleased that trivfloat is providing useful: the aim is to make users lives easier, with all of the hard work hidden away.