LuaTeX reachs 0.40

A recent announcement on the LuaTeX mailing list that LuaTeX has reached v0.40 has been expected for a while. One of the most notable, and widely discussed, changes is in the way new primitives are made available. As of 0.40, “out of the box” LuaTeX only provides one new primitive, \directlua. To get any primitives beyond those from TeX82, you then have to call Lua and get it to turn them on. The reason for this rather radical change is that it avoids any name clashes between new primitives and existing packages. So LuaTeX should, in principle, be able to replace pdfTeX as the engine of choice for most people. Of course, that is still some way off: LuaTeX is scheduled to reach version 1.0 in 2012.

2 thoughts on “LuaTeX reachs 0.40

  1. Due to the other inherent incompatibilities (not related to primitives) that Taco listed in a subsequent message, it seems luatex will never replace pdftex, unfortunately. Of course the primitive clean-up is still a very good thing.

  2. I did say “widely discussed”: this was one of the reasons (why worry about back-compatibility if other factors block it). I’d agree with you that a “primitive clean-up” is a positive factor, and in the longer term there really should be no issue. It’s only early adopters who will even know anything has changed.

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