As I said earlier in the week, I’ve been revising my keys3 package, which is an experimental keyval system in LaTeX3 syntax. I was initially aiming to keep things up to date with recent changes in LaTeX3, but the more I looked the more there was to do. So the new version is rather different to that of a week ago. I’ve dropped a number of things that I’d taken from pgfkeys (part of the pgf bundle) that, with thought, I’m not happy about. That is not to say that some things wouldn’t re-appear: I still want to look at some of the new stuff in the development version of pgfkeys.

I’ll probably upload the package to CTAN over the weekend, but for the moment the interested can grab:

  • The documentation (PDF)
  • The source file (.dtx)
  • DocStrip extraction file (.ins)
  • Demonstration/test file (.tex)