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The TeX Users’ Group (TUG) is applying (for the second year) to be a mentoring organisation for the Google Summer of Code (GSOC). Currently, the TUG web page for the GSOC lists seven very different potential projects. All of them look both exciting and challenging. Hopefully, this will convince Google to approve TUG as a mentoring organisation, and will then attract keen students!

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  1. 5–7 look most interesting to me, although I guess project 5 will be quite a challenge. While probably most agree that the current standard classes are subpar, it will be quite difficult to come with something which works across disciplines and languages. As an example, in my experience, English theses in my field (literature and film studies) look quite different than German ones (my native language). So even coming up with a some kind of thesis or report template which doesn’t suffer the same limitations as the existing ones will be quite difficult.

    Maybe it’s still too early for this, but something I’d really like to see is a CSL implementation in LuaTeX which would enable LaTeX users to make use of all the CSL styles which are hosted at

  2. Of course, different projects appeal to different people. I hope that the spread of both aims and coding skills required means that TUG will get on the GSOC list and then get some eager students.

    The classes idea is interesting. One of the LaTeX3 ideas is to “look again” at this. A limitation of LaTeX2e is that the kernel provides too few hooks for customisation. So a lot of classes have to address things which are not layout-related. That seems, to me, to be less than ideal.

    There’s been quite a bit of discussion on c.t.t. about CSL styles. I’ve not really got a good handle on the pros and cons.

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