I’ve now done 49 (!) minor releases of siunitx on the v3.0.x branch. These have addressed quite a few minor bugs: I expected to have to do a bit of work since the shift from v2 was quite major.

Things are now settling down: the open issues I’ve had recently are mainly on the border of feature requests, and there don’t seem to be additional changes I’ve introduced by accident. With the TeX Live freeze coming up, now looks like an excellent time to turn my thoughts to siunitx v3.1. The plan there is to deal with two areas:

  • Small requests that are clearly additions not bugs, so need API extensions but are easy/low risk
  • Pick off one of the bigger requests, probably either multi-part uncertainties or parsing ‘free form’ units, or both if they are sufficiently straight-forward

Of course, that doesn’t rule out further bugs to be fixes in the v3.0 branch: I will continue to fix things that come up there.

Depending on how the big issues go, I might manage a v3.1 release in the summer (June-August).