Beamer moves to GitHub

There are lots of places one can host development of open source code. I’ve used a few over the years, but in recent times have mainly focussed on GitHub. That’s true not least because the LaTeX3 development code is held there. The one package I’m involved in that’s to-date been elsewhere has been beamer: there are lots of issues in the tracker which I didn’t want to lose. So for some time it’s been slightly orphaned on BitBucket. I’ve now (finally) been able to migrate everything using a very handy script maintained by Jeff Widman. I’m making final arrangements on the move, but the key is that new issues should to to GitHub.

2 thoughts on “Beamer moves to GitHub

  1. I’m always worried when I see a monopoly like this develop. We’ve got two perfectly good systems, and everyone is leaving for one as it is the more popular. Now if something bad happens to github, or the people running it turn evil (cf Sourceforge) the entire community is effected. Plus, there is less pressure on it to improve than if there was a strong competitor.

    See: How terrible YouTube is for creators, but everyone has to stay there, since that is where the viewers are.

  2. Worth noting that GitHub is not a monopoly (to my mind) on code hosting/services, rather that open source projects have tended to congregate there. The people who own Bitbucket, for example, have a serious business in tools for development. A lot of that is focussed on self-hosting (as is GitHub’s income stream): it’s hard to be sure but I suspect there is space for multiple providers.

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