I’ve given a summary of the ‘formal’ business of each session at TUG2015 over the past few days:

Of course, there was a lot more to the meeting beyond the talk sessions. Stefan Kottwitz covered some of them in a TeX-sx blog post, including a picture of (most of) the TeX-sx regulars in attendance.

It was great to meet people I’ve come across over the years but haven’t met in person: I think the only delegate I’d met before was David Carlisle (who lives less than an hour’s drive from home). So each coffee and lunch break was a (quick) chance to at least say hello to people.

I’m told we’ve not had a proper LaTeX team meeting for 10 years: certainly not before whilst I’ve been on the team. So a lot of the team for me (and the other LaTeX3 people) was taken up with a long list of ‘agenda’ items. We just about got through them by doing to evenings, the last afternoon (before the banquet) and breakfast the day after the conference finished! Hopefully we’ll manage something a bit more regular in the future!