Not content with running The LaTeX Community, TeXample and, blogging on TeX matters and being a moderator on TeX Stack Exchange, Stefan Kottwitz has now started a new site: The idea for the new site is simple: it’s a place to collect great examples of plots, (primarily) made using the excellent pgfplots package. Why do this? Plots are just graphics, but they are a very special form of graphic with particular requirements. As a working scientist, I really appreciate the need for well-presented, carefully-constructed plots: they can make (or break) a paper.

At the moment, the selection of plots is of course quite small: the site is new and the room for ‘artistic’ work is perhaps a little more limited than in the TeXample gallery. I’m sure it will soon grow, and we can all pick up a trick or two! (Don’t worry: there will certainly be a few plots for chemists. Indeed, you might already spot some.)