A talk in Paris

Yesterday I was in Paris, giving a talk to GUTenberg about LaTeX3 as part of their user meeting. The event was very well attended, and ‘official’ video recording will be available of all of the presentations. People seem very keen to hear talk I was giving, so I recorded the audio and have put it together with the slides as a video (thanks to UK-TUG for use of their Vimeo account!). I do hope it all makes sense!

3 thoughts on “A talk in Paris

  1. When you speak about the design layer, you write, “Some ideas on this problem [are] in xtemplate plus the ‘LaTeX data base’.”

    I sort of know what xtemplate is for, and xfrac seems to exist as a demonstration of these templates. But what is this “LaTeX data base”?

  2. One reason I didn’t go into any detail on templates and the ‘LaTeX Data Base’ (LDB) is because that code is not ready for production use. The template concept has had some serious work, but the LDB hasn’t been revised for many years and is much more ‘some ideas’ than a ready-to-go LaTeX3 module. (The ideas themselves are also complex, so it wasn’t really appropriate to cover them in a general talk.)

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