New CTAN, new toys

Many readers will have been watching the updates to CTAN with interest. So far, we’ve seen a new layout to the site, with a promise of new ‘toys’. Some of these have now appeared at least in testing form, and can be accessed at

The biggest change is that you can now register an account, and use this to vote on packages. I’ve of course registered already, and taken a very quick look at the voting system. I notice that at the moment the system doesn’t spot that I’m the author of some packages, so can vote on them! Of course, I’m not going to do that, and if there are lots of people voting it won’t matter.

1 thought on “New CTAN, new toys

  1. Why shouldn’t the author of a package be allowed to vote on his own package (only once, of course)?

    (I certainly wouldn’t give top votes to all my packages.)

    Politicians are allowed to vote for themselves, too :-p

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