Die TeXnische Komödie online

TeX use is very strong in German speaking countries, and that means that the German-speaking TeX group, DANTE, is also very active. Their members magazine, Die TeXnische Komödie, has until recently only been available to members in print. However, it’s now available online. Non-members can see editions which are over a year old, similar to the case for TUGBoat.


11 thoughts on “Die TeXnische Komödie online

  1. Thanks for spreading the word to the English-speaking community. However, I would like to add that the online version of DTK has already been available for several years now. What’s new is that the delay between its publication in print and online was shortened from three years to one year.

  2. When I last looked round the DANTE website, I could not find any mention at all of online access. So perhaps it’s that which has changed more: it now seems to be easy to locate. Or perhaps it was just me …

  3. I must admit that the DANTE website is not easy to navigate, but in fact the DTK archive has been around in this form ever since the website was relaunched some years ago. Only the delay in publishing has changed. Never mind. 🙂

  4. I just had a look of the translation of my eqnarray article (DTK 2007-1), can anyone explain all of those “‘s all over the place? Did someone forget a in the source?

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