Some TeX Developments

TeXworks roadmap

There has been some discussion over the past couple of weeks on the TeXworks mailing list about the future direction of the project. As regular readers will know, I like TeXworks, and use it as my day-to-day editor, so I’m very interested in what the developers are up to.

Two very useful things have now been added to the project website. First, there is a roadmap highlighting the key areas for development for v0.6 and v0.8. It looks like v0.6 is mainly about improving the PDF viewer, with editor improvements as the main target for v0.8. For C++ coders, there is also a list of ideas to work on. That should let people with the right skills dip in to coding TeXworks in a self-contained way.

TeXworks is a great project, and I do hope that interested C++ programmers in particular see these new pieces of information as an opportunity to get involved. For those of us who don’t code C++, direct contribution is a bit more difficult, but spreading the word is something we can all do.