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As part of my activity for UK-TUG, I and a couple of other members ran a training event last week in London: LaTeX for beginners. This is the third time we’ve run a similar course, and I think that this was the best presentation we’ve given to date. The slides and handouts seem to work pretty well, and the timing and so forth is now becoming a lot clearer!

Coming away from the event, what is most notable is the demand for LaTeX training. We’ve run the same course three times in just over a year, and I’ve currently got a waiting list which will easily fill the next presentation. At the same time, we get asked a lot about an intermediate-level course, and so we’ve made a start on assembling some slides for that, too.

On the course itself, we had a number of people from publishing backgrounds, and again there are more on the waiting list. So it’s clear that LaTeX continues to be a significant player, at least in the UK, in the publishing world.

Depending on availability of help, I’m hoping that we can run one course early in the new year, and another at around Easter. So this will be keeping me busy for a while!

4 thoughts on “LaTeX training: in demand

  1. “what is most notable is the demand for LaTeX training … a number of people from publishing backgrounds” – This is great to hear, and a corrective to some depressing information I’ve been hearing from some academic publishers.

    Did you get a sense of the background of those publishers? Were they technical or scientific, or were they interested in single sourcing print and ebook publications?

  2. We had a mix of people from the publishing world. Some were employed by scientific/technical/medical (STM) publishers, some were doing freelance editing and some were interested in more electronic workflows.

    With my UK-TUG ‘hat’ on that we had a query from a major STM recently about getting in-house TeX training, which then led on to them being interested in hiring a TeX consultant.

  3. Thanks. I’ll keep my ears to the ground, listening for supporting developments.

    It’s occurred to me that, flawed though the Elance skills tests are, the existence of one for Latex might be a tipping point for some publishers.

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