Anyone who follows the BitBucket repository for siunitx will have seen that I’ve made a lot of commits over recent days. If you look at the list of open issues, you’ll also see that it’s got smaller and that some have been moved from targeting v2.1 to targeting v2.2. I’ve been aiming to get v2.1 finished this month, and I’ve been working out what I can and can’t do in that time frame.

The result is that the code on BitBucket now is what I’ll release as v2.1, baring any remaining bug fixes. The idea is to have some new features, but not so many that I’ll have introduced lots of new bugs. I hope that I’ve got the balance about right, and that there has been enough time for testing the new additions to the package. If all looks okay by the weekend I will be updating CTAN at the weekend. If you’d like to test it before then, either grab the code from BitBucket or, if you use TeX Live, try the TLcontrib installation method.

I’m hoping to work on v2.2 for a release early in the new year, probably late January. There are already a few issues on the list for v2.2, but that may alter if there is a good case made for something else. Of course, I’ll also have to avoid breaking anything!