Testing versions of siunitx v2.1 on TLcontrib

I’m working on the list of issues for siunitx v2.1. As I do, I hope that the code is staying usable at all times! The list is getting shorter (finally), so I’m hoping to get something released around the end of the month.  One thing that I need for that is testing. My recent post about TLcontrib mentioned this as a route for testing packages prior to release. So I’m taking advantage, and sending snapshots of siunitx to TLcontrib each time I add a new feature. So if you want to help to test things out, then you can run

tlmgr --repository http://tlcontrib.metatex.org/2010 update siunitx

from your command prompt/terminal. Let me know about any new issues!

4 thoughts on “Testing versions of siunitx v2.1 on TLcontrib

  1. Let us say you want to test siunitx, there is some error with it and you want to go back to the official siunitx release from CTAN. How does one do that? Might be useful to post the instructions for this.

    Might be rather useful for those wanting to text the expl3 bundle.

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