A new upload system for CTAN

The CTAN Team are currently testing a new upload system. There are several things going on with this new approach. First, if your material has been uploaded before then you can find it on the list of known packages, so various pieces of information are automatically available. Secondly, you can see the meta-data about your upload, for example the short README-like text you see in the CTAN database. That means you can correct/add to the entry, and hopefully makes Robin Fairbairns life a little less busy!

The default page for uploads includes a list of all of the packages that CTAN contains (more or less: I’ve not checked the entire list!). There’s also a page you can use if you know the package name for your upload. I like that one, perhaps as I know the names of all of my packages and the aforementioned list is rather long!

3 thoughts on “A new upload system for CTAN

  1. This is great, thanks for making me aware of this. I always liked the upload forms since it makes me feel more secure than just uploading a zip file and sending an e-mail to one of the maintainers. Now, it is even possible to edit the catalogue, and I think that it will make the catalogue even more valuable, since the information can be kept up to date by the package authors themselves.

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