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Not exactly a TeX topic directly, but done in LaTeX so I think it counts. At work recently we’ve been discussing providing our final year students with a model report. The problem is where to get one: if you take a real report, then this may help other students for the same group. So I’ve taken some work from a few years ago (in the group of Andreas Danopoulos) and used some of it to write a model report. As the general structure might be useful to other people, you can take a look at the PDF or download the sources here. As the report is quite short I’ve used the article class with some modifications: for a longer one I’d have gone with the report class. There are a few chemistry-specific things going on in the file, but most of it is quite simple LaTeX stuff.

2 thoughts on “An example student report

  1. This is very interesting post for me since I write such reports every month or so.

    With posts from LaTeX Community Forums as my main source I came up with a template to write my reports. There are significant differences at the source level (mainly preamble) between my file and the one you posted. If you agree to look at my example and answer few specific questions I can send you a more specific email.

    Keep up the good work, Joseph. Your contributions to the chemistry related packages, forums and this blog are the main reason I kept trying to learn to use LaTeX for my chemistry writings (and beyond).

  2. I’m always happy to answer questions. LaTeX often offers a number of ways to tackle a particular issue, so I’m not surprised that you’ve got different things happening to my example.

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