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siunitx 2: release timetable

As many readers will know I’ve been working on version 2 of siunitx for some time. There are always more feature requests, but at some stage I have to actually release something. I’ve now got some code that fixes a lot of bugs and annoyances in the current release and provides a better platform for new features, and so I want to move to releasing it.

The plan is to fix the known bugs in the development code and add as many new features as possible by the 25th of the month, and then to freeze development for a beta (testing) release. Depending on feedback, I’ll then aim to fix the bugs in the beta and go for a first production edition of version 2 in June. I’m not going to add any new features between the beta and production releases, but will start on them again once the production version is out. There is a feature tracker on the BerliOS site), which is a good place to put things so I don’t forget about them.