Building biblatex-biber (again)

I recently posted some information on building biblatex-biber. Since then, v0.5 of biblatex-biber has appeared and there are some positive changes. The code now creates its own file to grab the required Perl modules. So on Mac OS X (Snow Leopard) and Ubuntu (9.10) all I needed to do after downloading the source was

perl Build.PL
sudo ./Build installdeps
./Build test
sudo ./Build install

at the Terminal. The second step grabbed all of the modules needed and everything worked fine.

On Windows, life is still a bit complicated but I now can get things to work. A bit of a trawl on the Internet led to a blog post about Text::BibTeX. At the moment, the solution is still in beta and so there is a bit of work to do. With Strawberry Perl installed I went to the Command Prompt (as Administrator) and started the cpan program. At its prompt I did

install Config::AutoConf Capture::Tiny IPC::Run
install A/AM/AMBS/Text/Text-BibTeX-0.40_3.tar.gz

which all seemed to work. After downloading and unzipping the source for biblatex-biber (which is in .gz format, so use something like 7-Zip to open it), still as Administrator at the Command Prompt I did

build installdeps
build test
build install

and everything worked. So I’ve finally got it working across all platforms. Hopefully the Text::BibTeX install will become easier when it moves from beta status.

7 thoughts on “Building biblatex-biber (again)

  1. Do you know how to build Biber without administrative privileges on Linux? I tried to install the required dependencies, but the installation process fails without sudo. I have no Perl experience at all, but I bet it is possible somehow, given that even TeX Live can be installed as an unprivileged user.

  2. hi,
    don’t know why, but for me things wouldn’t work on Mac OS X 10.6 until I finally found this page, and follow the Windows (!) instructions, i.e installing Config::AutoConf first — and then go back to ‘normal’ OS X installation.
    Thanks !

  3. Well, I’m no expert as I say. I’ve run things through a few ways, and although I did my best to have a “clean” 10.6 installation I didn’t do things that carefully. Glad it worked in the end!

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