I recently posted some information on building biblatex-biber. Since then, v0.5 of biblatex-biber has appeared and there are some positive changes. The code now creates its own file to grab the required Perl modules. So on Mac OS X (Snow Leopard) and Ubuntu (9.10) all I needed to do after downloading the source was

perl Build.PL
sudo ./Build installdeps
./Build test
sudo ./Build install

at the Terminal. The second step grabbed all of the modules needed and everything worked fine.

On Windows, life is still a bit complicated but I now can get things to work. A bit of a trawl on the Internet led to a blog post about Text::BibTeX. At the moment, the solution is still in beta and so there is a bit of work to do. With Strawberry Perl installed I went to the Command Prompt (as Administrator) and started the cpan program. At its prompt I did

install Config::AutoConf Capture::Tiny IPC::Run
install A/AM/AMBS/Text/Text-BibTeX-0.40_3.tar.gz

which all seemed to work. After downloading and unzipping the source for biblatex-biber (which is in .gz format, so use something like 7-Zip to open it), still as Administrator at the Command Prompt I did

perl build.pl
build installdeps
build test
build install

and everything worked. So I’ve finally got it working across all platforms. Hopefully the Text::BibTeX install will become easier when it moves from beta status.