Real life pgfplots examples

I’ve just sent a draft to TUGBoat for an article about pgfplots. As many readers will know, pgfplots is built on pgf/Tikz, which means that it can be used for both DVI and PDF output, and with plain TeX, LaTeX and ConTeXt. In my draft, I’ve used some real life plots (from a couple of recent publications in the research group I work in). The draft will probably change a bit, but for a preview take a look a the the PDF.

8 thoughts on “Real life pgfplots examples

  1. for a beginner, to say pgf “works equally well with the traditional DVI-based work flow” is a bit misleading.

    Initially, I could not even get Figure 1 right. Later I found out that xdvi can not properly display the generated .dvi file, I have to convert dvi to ps or pdf to see the correct figure.

    (I am using Ubuntu Karmic, with xdvi version 22.84.10)

  2. Hello Hongbo,

    It’s well known that viewing DVIs directly results in a number of restrictions. For example, unless the DVI viewer includes an EPS interpreter then any EPS figures will not show up. The DVI workflow to me implies tex -> dvips -> ps2pdf and then looking at the PDF result. Sorry if that was not clear. The key point is that pgf has driver information for both routes: compare using pstricks, which does not work with pdflatex (at least without effort).

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