pgfplots v1.3

A new version of the very useful pgfplots package has been released. pgfplots provides a very handy interface on top of pgf/TikZ to generate print-quality plots without too much effort. As many readers will know, pgf works with both DVI and PDF output methods, making pgfplots very handy for generating plots without worrying about other content.

For me, the stand-out new feature in v1.3 of pgfplots is the ability to automatically reverse the axes. As a chemist, I need to do this as convention dictates that some types of data are displayed with the x axis running from high values to low ones. So for me not having to do this by hand is a really significant reason to upgrade. There are lots of other new features as well: I see that the manual now includes a number of 3D surface style graphs, which many people like.

If you are plotting data in TeX, the pgfplots should be very high on your list of packages to consider.

2 thoughts on “pgfplots v1.3

  1. When I first used pgfplots I was surprised to find that it was so easy to use. I’d say comparable to matlab except its maths is too weak. Maybe this will be improved if it make use of luatex some day.

  2. Hello Leo,

    I’ve not used matlab, so I’ll take your word for this. Doing serious maths in TeX is not easy, so using another tool (which would include Lua in LuaTeX) seems the best way to me. I’m always plotting real data from experiments, and so the issues doesn’t really arise.


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