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siunitx version 2: snapshot 3

It’s been a while since I gave an update on progress with siunitx version 2. I’ve had other things on the go, but am trying to make some progress with the code as I have lots of bugs which are fixed in the new version. Since the last snapshot, I’ve gone back over everything and moved internally to expl3 syntax. That makes my life a lot easier, as there are lots of tools available without needing to write them all for myself. It does mean that users/testers will need to have expl3 installed: you will need the most recent release, which should appear in TeX Live and MiKTeX soon for online installation, or can be downloaded from CTAN (look for

There are some notes and outstanding questions with the current snapshot: it is still some way from being finished. Things to be aware of or to think about:

For those who want to test things out, you can get: