TeXworks: Automatic LaTeX message detection

TeXworks: Experimental LaTeX-errors interface
TeXworks: Experimental LaTeX-errors interface

The latest builds of TeXworks include support for scripting. There are not a lot of scripts just yet, but one that already looks good is LaTeX error message highlighting.

This already seems to work pretty well, and it’s one of the few things I miss from my previous editor of choice (WinEdt). It can already jump to the line in question, when you choose the appropriate line in the listing.

Of course, this is only the first step in getting full scripting support for TeXworks. But things look good to me: the extra complexity to the interface is minimal, and it really opens up the possibilities for more advanced users.

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  2. Actually QtScript, which is based on ECMAScript:

    I’d heard mention of a TeXworks version that used Lua scripting, but never saw it. The choice of language isn’t too important, I guess, and in the case of QtScript it seems the perfect fit for the rest of the development environment.

  3. @Will: the Lua-enabled version was a set of patches maintained by Steffan Löfler, iirc. Alain proposed 4 windows builds at one time: the “vanilla” version, a version with Lua, a version with printing, and one with both.

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