LaTeX2e updates

If you browse the CTAN repositories, you’ll find that a number of the LaTeX core files have recently been updated. The team have had a small number of bug fixes in the code for a while, but for various reasons no release had been made. The idea is to get all of them out into the public release code, which hopefully will be done very soon (I think it actually is done, but I’m not 100% sure!).

4 thoughts on “LaTeX2e updates

  1. I actually forgot to push the changes to @in that was talked about a little while ago (they were checked in on my machine, though) and I figured it’s too late to insert them now 🙂

    Well, it’s not a serious problem, just embarrassing for me. I’ll commit it to the SVN repository after all the dust settles.

  2. Assuming that this set of changes go okay, it hopefully will be a bit easier to do the next update. Once every three years is a bit slow!

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