LaTeX and Dalton Transactions

For once I have a post which combines TeX directly with my job. I’ve just received a copy of the proofs for an article in the chemistry journal Dalton Transactions (the article has DOI 10.1039/b907982c). At the top of each page I spotted

(2004/07/27 v1.0 Standard LaTeX document class for RSC Journals)

The great irony is that although the journal (along with many others in chemistry) is typeset in LaTeX, they don’t accept LaTeX submissions! I’d love to get hold of that class file and have a look: pretty much no chance, unfortunately.

2 thoughts on “LaTeX and Dalton Transactions

  1. I submitted a paper that will eventually appear in a Springer Verlag journal. They’ve also decided to no longer accept LaTeX submissions. Everything must be in MS-Word and then converted later.

    Any idea what motivates what appears to be counter productive?

  2. I think it’s a numbers question. Most chemists favour Word, so the journals get lots of Word submissions. To handle them, they have a standard work-flow, scripts and so on to import the raw data into the database that is used both for typesetting and web publication.

    Without a critical mass of LaTeX submissions, it is simply not sensible for the publishers to put the effort into a similar routine for LaTeX submissions. Several of the more “physical” journals do accept LaTeX, so there I assume there is a critical mass of submissions.

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