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I’ve just sent a minor update of the release version of siunitx to CTAN. There was a clash with the fourier package, to do with maths fonts. This is all due to the lack of an upright μ in Computers Modern: a continued pain. For the moment, all is sorted again! One note: I’ve done the release here using TeX Live 2009, rather than my more usual MiKTeX 2.7. Everything seems to have worked, but any feedback is of course welcome!

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  1. Hi Joseph,

    I have tried the latest fourier package with utopia font. But I am getting an error like this:

    ! Package textcomp Error: Symbol textohm not provided by
    (textcomp) font family futx in TS1 encoding.
    (textcomp) Default family used instead.

    See the textcomp package documentation for explanation.
    Type H for immediate help.

    l.69 …een the electrodes exceeds SI{5}{kilohm}

    If I use RequirePackage[valuemode=math,unitmode=math]{siunitx}, the letters in the units have slanted and upright shapes, making them look odd and inconsistent. How to fix this?


  2. Here is an example:

    % DeclareMathAlphabet{mathbf}{FML}{futm}{b}{n}
    % DeclareMathAlphabet{mathbold}{FML}{futmi}{b}{it}
    % DeclareMathAlphabet{mathrm}{FML}{futm}{m}{n}



    It looks like after loading fixmath, the unit is typeset in an inconsistent way. The commented lines are my attempt to make those math commands work with greek letters.

    If situnitx is loaded with unitmode=text, the following error is generated:

    ! Package textcomp Error: Symbol textohm not provided by….

    The LaTeX companion says that most postscript fonts do not provide textohm, do you know how to check this with the .pfb .pfm and .afm files of a postscript font?



  3. Leo,

    There are two issues here:
    – fixmath makes Omega italic. To correct that, use sisetup{mathsOmega=upOmega}.
    – fourier loads textcomp but then does not provide the same symbol set as siunitx expects. To deal with this, load siunitx with the “redefsymbols=false” option.

    I might add autodetection for this, but the combinations are complex and I can’t get everything automatically!


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