New TeXworks binaries

Jonathan Kew has produced new binaries for TeXworks for both both Windows and MacOS X. The ZIP file now contains everything you need to download in one place, which makes installation that bit easier.

On a somewhat related matter, I see that MiKTeX 2.8 is going to include TeXworks, including setting up file associations (.tex and .sty). As TeX Live 2009 is also coming with TeXworks, getting hold of the programme should become very easy for end users. This can only be a good thing.

3 thoughts on “New TeXworks binaries

  1. Hello Vafa,

    Yes, I’d seen that. As I said in my post, TeXworks will be available to most people “out of the box” when TeX Live 2009 and MiKTeX 2.8 are released (both are available now, I know, but “for testing”). I guess a lot of power users prefer Emacs, but for those people who want something simple TeXworks is very nice.


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