Over the week-end, the copy of Programming in Lua that I’d ordered arrived at the bookshop. So I’ve been able to make at least a small start on the book, and get some of the ideas into my head. Having looked at the first 40 or so pages, I can see why Lua has been chosen for integration with TeX as LuaTeX. Some TeX concepts are also Lua concepts (such as the scope of variables and the ability to re-define anything), and so the fit between the two languages looks good. How that translates in practice I’ll have to see.

What I have found to date is that you really don’t want to be a beginner if you pick up Programming in Lua. The book starts with a lot of pretty complicated programming ideas, and without some background I’d be in trouble. Luckily I’ve picked up bits and pieces over the years (from Basic, C and Perl, amongst other things), and so I’m not totally lost. But for a book aimed at people starting off with the language, it is tough going.

The arrival of the book happily coincides with the release of LuaTeX 0.36.0, as announced on the LuaTeX mailing list. There are a number of changes aimed at making more changes in the future, but at least I can now begin to understand what some of them mean!