keys3: More work needed?

A while ago, I did a bit of work on converting the pgfkeys package (part of pgf) to LaTeX3 syntax, and called the result keys3. Some things have changed in LaTeX3 since then, and I also have an outstanding list of things to think about adding to keys3. On top of that, I’ve spotted at least one bug (inherited from pgfkeys!). So the question is: is it worth fixing them? At the moment, keys3 might not go anywhere, so I’m not sure. Thoughts, anyone?

2 thoughts on “keys3: More work needed?

  1. Hmmm, for now I think I’d keep keys3 in sync with the changes in the expl3 codebase but not work too much on it until we know more about how we’re going to be dealing with keyval input (which is a mystery to me, too).

    My feeling is that LaTeX2e packages that use expl3 can use, if necessary, pgfkeys or kvoptions or xkeyval for “high level” keyval interfaces for now. And it’s a bit too early, still, to decide where to go for LaTeX3.

    But it’s neat that the code came out so nicely in expl3 and it certainly was time well spent putting the package together, I think.

  2. I’m going to go for a middle level of work. As well as things like def:Npn => cs_set:Npn, I also want to solve a few problems with the current code. Hopefully I can do this in the next week or two.

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