5 thoughts on “siunitx version 1.2

  1. OK, up to now, I’ve found three bugs in the new version. The line numbers refer to siunitx.dtx.

    Line 3407: 2008/01/22 → 2009/01/22 (wrong year)

    Line 10307: sisetup{#1} → sisetup{#1}% (space winds up in output)

    Line 1943: %%DescribeOption{tophrase}
    → %DescribeOption{tophrase}changes{v1.2}{2009/01/22}{New opt{tophrase} option} (double comment winds up in .sty file, no change description)

    It would be nice if the locale files set tophrase appropriately, e.g. ‘tophrase= bis ‘ in si-DE.cfg.

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