Units in ConTeXt

Looking to gather ideas, I was looking at the ConTeXtunits” module. The approach taken there is to create free-standing macros, such as \Second or \Candela, and to use them to build up a string of units. Like some of the LaTeX solutions, this means that the user has to maunally include symbols (such as \Times) to get the formatting right. On the other hand, ConTeXt uses a glossary-like method for defining units (something I’ve thought about for siunitx in the past). I’ll certainly be thinking about something like that for siunitx version 2.

3 thoughts on “Units in ConTeXt

  1. I am not familiar with ConTeXt and its “units” module but from your description I can’t say that I like this approach. Seems like a mixture of physical and logical markup. It is one thing to specify what the units are and another how they should look like. We should strive to separate those two as much as possible. This makes it easier to add new funtionality like, say, a units converter from one base to another.

  2. I’m not so keen on the ConTeXt method here either (after all, I do write siunitx!). However, it’s always a good idea to look around and so how other people tackle issues.

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