Section numbers in achemso

When I wrote the achemso class for submissions to American Chemical Society journals, I did my best to get the style of each journal correct. Of course, this is not easy as there are a lot of journals and they are not necessarily consistent in applying the style rules! One issue that comes up a lot is section numbering. Most of the journals do not number sections, most of the time. However, sometimes authors want to include section numbers. I need to look at this again for version 3.2, but in version 3.1 you need to do:


somewhere in the preamble to restore numbering.

2 thoughts on “Section numbers in achemso

  1. I am using v3.2c under MikTex and this
    trick doesn’t work at all.
    I also have the problem of the * not appearing before
    ‘To whom correspondence should be addressed’
    if I don’t use a footnote{…} for the title.


  2. As I said in the post, I looked at this again for v3.2. You want SectionNumbersOn. On the footnote issue, this is a known issue and is fixed in the latest release (v3.2d).


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