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There are three main places to ask (La)TeX-related questions in English:

Each has a different mix of people, and I wonder how much cross-over there is. The LaTeX Community forums seem best for the newer user, as there is a lot less complex information than in the newgroup or on texhax. I’d say that the newgroup is the most active of the three, with texhax a relativity quite list. Of course, there are also ConTeXt-specific places to talk. I wonder how much regulars of each “place” know about the other ones?

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  1. As for the German-speaking TeX community, there is rather little exchange between these different forums. Most TeX developers do not use web forums, they prefer newsgroups and mailing lists. Web fora probably appeal most to the younger users who often do not know at all about usenet etc. For an overview of some more forums in German cf. http://www.juergenfenn.de/tex.html#listen etc. OTOH, some regulars posting to ctt can also be found on texhax.


  2. Stefan Kottwitz has compiled a nice list of TeX-related discussion forums:
    Stefan seems to be active on most of them 🙂

    I am not very active, but I read comp.text.tex and keep an eye on the LaTeX community forums. My impression is that LaTeX community is a “friendlier” place for new users. Some post on comp.text.tex can be quite harsh and don’t you dare to top post 🙂 c.t.t is, however, very civil and polite compared to other usenet forums.

    I have not noticed many that are active on several fora. One exception is Herbert Voss. He is almost always there to answer when a PSTricks related question is asked.

  3. Personally speaking I only keep up with c.t.t. once every few days, although I also keep an eye on the XeTeX mailing list — mainly for support issues with my own packages.

    I’d never heard of the “LaTeX Community forums” before 🙂

    I’m also subscribed to the “tex” and “latex” tags on Stack Overflow, where questions are asked very infrequently.

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