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For the user I write quite a number of LaTeX packages, some focussed on chemistry, others more general. They are all available on

* achemso: Support for submissions to American Chemical Society journals
* biblatex-chem: Chemistry styles for biblatex
* biblatex-nature: biblatex style for Nature
* biblatex-science: biblatex style for Science
* chemstyle: Schemes and style for chemistry
* notes2bib: Integrating notes into the bibliography
* pgfopts: LaTeX package options with pgfkeys
* rsc: BibTeX styles for Royal Society of Chemistry and Wiley journals
* siunitx: A comprehensive (SI) units package
* trivfloat: Quick floats in LaTeX Keeping all of those up to date is sometimes a challenge, but I hope I do a reasonable job.

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December 20th, 2008 at 8:18 pm

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