TeXprinter 2

Paulo Cereda has updated his excellent TeXprinter application to version 2, and even posted a demonstration video. For those of you who’ve missed it, TeXprinter takes the information available on the TeX.sx Q&A site and turns it into a  PDF or LaTeX source for printing. It’s therefore a great way to get something more permanent than a webpage, and in a variety of formats. I guess the next phase is to take multiple questions and automatically build an entire book of frequently asked (La)TeX questions!


The TeX Q&A site is attractive to many people not only because of the way it works as a website, but also because the site makes it’s data available for reuse. One thing that many people want to do with useful information is to print it. Now, you can simply print from your browser, but the layout won’t necessarily be ideal. Enter the data back-end, and  TeXprinter. TeXprinter takes the raw information from a question and formats it as a PDF or LaTeX file. That way, you can print something that is actually readable! All of this is done in Java, so there is nothing to install beyond the program itself: great stuff.