LaTeX Tutorial videos from ShareLaTeX

Learning LaTeX without a ‘local guide’ can be a challenge: it’s one of the reasons I’m involved in running training courses for UK-TUG. The people behind ShareLaTeX have decided to make a series of videos aimed at newer LaTeX users, covering the basics of LaTeX use, writing a thesis and also some more advanced topics (TikZ and beamer, for example).

There are currently about 25 videos, and I’ve watched all of the ‘basic’ ones (the LaTeX beginners series and the thesis series). The quality and presentation is pretty good: as well as well produced videos there are also transcripts for all of them, and of course the demos are available on ShareLaTeX. Of course, there are a few things I’d tackle differently, but the overall picture is pretty impressive. They’ve put a lot of work into the videos, and if you work through carefully (and take time to try the demos yourself) them I think you’ll get a good grounding in using LaTeX.

LaTeX for Complete Novices

Getting started with LaTeX is more tricky than getting started with WYSIWYG software, as there is a definite learning curve to LaTeX, and the concepts are different from those in (perhaps more familiar) word processors. Good guides are therefore very important, and writing them is not easy. Nicola Talbot has maintained one of those guides for many years, along with a lot of other useful (La)TeX advice. She’s now branched out into the world of publishing, and has updated her guide for novice LaTeX users as part of that. Nicola’s making it available as a ‘proper’ book, but you can also get it for printing out at home, as an ‘online PDF’ or in HTML format. The source is there too, so if you really want you can typeset the entire thing!