Hosting upgrade

As I mentioned a little while ago, I’ve moved the hosting for my blog and added https access as-standard. Doing that, I of course had to take a stab at how big a hosting package to buy. I get a steady set of hits, according to WordPress’s JetPack plugin about 5000/month. So I went for a hosting package that would easily cover that.

However, it seems that somewhere there are some more visitors! I got a mail from SiteGround saying that the site’s been using too much CPU time based on what I’ve paid for. Looking over the stats, this is not anything about my setup but is one way or another ‘real’ hits. I can’t be sure if they are real people or spam-like bots, of course, but there’s only one solution: upgrade my hosting account. Hopefully this is all transparent to readers: should mean things continue to work smoothly.

Blog spring-cleaning

As I’ve just moved where the blog is hosted it seemed like a good opportunity to do a bit of tidying up. Regular readers will notice that the categories have been updated, hopefully making it easier to find things. Suggestions on any new arrangements are welcome. I’ve also fixed a few missing files in older posts (the odd re-install means that not 100% of the older content is right!). I’ve also revised the static pages (About, Packages and Contact) to make sure they are up to date: the package list and my PGP key are now right! At the ‘back end’, I’ve adjusted a few WordPress plugins and generally made sure everything is as organised as it should be.  I’ve also tweaked a few parts of the layout, including adding the very-commong ‘quite share’ buttons. So hopefully the blog is tuned up for the future! is now set up for https

A rare foray outside of the strictly TeX-related: as it’s about the blog itself I think its OK! As you might notice on visiting the site, I’ve enabled https for the site. Why have I done that? Well, if you read the WordPress News it’s clear that they are pushing toward more use of secure access. (As you might guess, the back-end for the blog is WordPress.) There are wider moves toward ‘https everywhere’, so it seemed like as good a time as any to do the work.

For readers, there should be no change at all in the site. For those interested in the detail, I’ve moved the hosting to SiteGround as they offer Let’s Encrypt: a free SSL certificate system suitable for small-scale sites like this one. (If anyone is feeling particularly generous, I’ve got a referral URL which will give me some free service in return for pointing to my new host!) The process was largely trouble-free: I’ve taken the opportunity to re-build the site from scratch (just using the dumps of the content) and to remove some older ‘back-end’ rubbish (old plugins and the like). Again, for readers this should be transparent!

Some TeX Developments

Where to start? Writing a blog on what is going in with my own (La)TeX development, and what is happening in the TeX world, seems like a handy thing to do. For my own packages (for example siunitx) it would be nice to give an insight into what is going on with the code, and where I am currently working. In the wider TeX world, there are things I’ve taken an interest in (such as TeXworks and LaTeX3) which I can make the odd comment on. There might even be some non-TeX stuff here, but I’ll see (focus is the key, and all that).