A new list for TeX meetings

Keeping a track of what TeX meetings are going on can be tricky. To help us all keep up, Karl Berry has just set up a new mailing list: TeX meetings. The idea is simple: it gives everyone a single place to post notices of meetings upcoming, and so to track what is happening in the TeX world. I’ve joined up (of course), and I’d encourage everyone else too as well. It should make life a lot easier, particularly if we can get a good take-up from the people organising meetings.

A talk in Paris

Yesterday I was in Paris, giving a talk to GUTenberg about LaTeX3 as part of their user meeting. The event was very well attended, and ‘official’ video recording will be available of all of the presentations. People seem very keen to hear talk I was giving, so I recorded the audio and have put it together with the slides as a video (thanks to UK-TUG for use of their Vimeo account!). I do hope it all makes sense!

TUG 2011: 19th–21st October, Kerala, India

The yearly TUG conference for 2011 was originally scheduled to be held in Cairo, Egypt. Recent events there mean that there has been a rethink, and that this year’s event will now take place in Kerala, India, for the 19th to the 21st of October. This is going to be hosted by River Valley, a typesetting company with a very strong interest in TeX.

EuroTeX 2009 Proceedings

In my post box a few days ago was the proceedings of the EuroTeX 2009 conference (TUGBoat 30:3, which I get as a joint member of TUG and UK-TUG). Quite a few of the articles are about ConTeXt, not surprising as the 3rd ConTeXt meeting took place in parallel to EuroTeX. The highlights will be different for everyone, of course. I’ll pick out a few articles that caught my attention (and perhaps add a few more in a later post):

  • Siep Kroonenberg wrote about maintaining a (Windows) network installation of TeX Live. While not a step by step guide, I found this a useful insight into getting started on providing multi-user access to TeX.
  • Péter Szabó looked at optimising PDF size, both using pdfTeX and with post-production tools. This has come up recently on the TeX Live mailing list, so it was interesting to see more detail about the concepts involved.
  • Taco Hoekwater explained how the development work on LuaTeX has finally removed all of the Pascal code from the sources, and why this was a ‘Good Thing’. An interesting insight into work at the engine level.
  • In the ‘Abstracts Only’ section I was particularly interested in one about PPCHTeX by Hans Hagen. PPCHTeX is an approach to typesetting chemical structures in TeX, and is therefore of more than passing interest to me in my day job.

I note for my diary that EuroTeX 2010 is scheduled for the 25th to the 29th of August 2010 in Pisa. I’ll see how my diary works out: perhaps I’ll make this one!

TUG 2009 Videos

For those of us who couldn’t make TUG 2009, the excellent people at River Valley Technologies have recorded the talks. They are appearing a few at a time, and to quote the site:

Talks will be uploaded as post-processing is completed. Please note that we had some technical problems on day 1, so they may take longer to prepare.

I’m sure we can wait a little while for them to appear: I’ll certainly be taking a look over the next few days at what’s on offer.