Developement Timetables

The need to have public timetables for large projects is something I mention quite a bit on the LaTeX-L list. The LaTeX3 project has run for many years, and at the moment there is no public indication of when a “LaTeX3 kernel” might be available. As I’ve mentioned that I’m working on siunitx v2, I guess I’d be hypocritical if I didn’t have some kind of public statement about how things are going.

The plan at the moment is something like:

  • Christmas period. Re-code number output and tables.
  • January. Look at extending unit system to cope with more cases.
  • February. Additional items (such as awkward symbols). Write basic documentation for v2.
  • March. Public beta one for testing. Continue to write documentation
  • June. Depending on feedback and success, release siunitx v2.

As you can see, I’m hoping to get everyhting revised for TeXLive 2009, having learnt from getting siunitx v1 out. Of course, this is subject to change (and other committments), but I think it’s pretty achievable.

Storing lists of tokens

LaTeX3 separates out macros which do something (functions) from those used to store information. As has been pointed out to me, the later are lists of tokens not characters. TeX already provides us with toks (token registers), and so LaTeX3 calls macros that store token lists “token list pointers”. There’s been some discussion recently about this name, and Will Robertson has suggested just “token lists” would be better. I quite like the idea (pointers makes it sound like some low-level memory thing), but I’m not sure if the team will go for it.