TeX Live 2013 released

Browsing the TeX Live site today, I see that TeX Live 2013 has been released. There are as usual a few changes to note. My highlights:

  • XeTeX now uses the HarfBuzz shaper rather than the older ICU engine (which is no longer being developed): see my earlier post about this change
  • LuaTeX is updated to Lua 5.2 (the latest Lua release)
  • Microtype now supports protrusion in XeTeX and LuaTeX

I’ve been using the pretest version of TeX Live for a while, and am very happy that all seems to be working just fine. Of course, many people will want the DVD version, which will be a while, but for the downloaders you can grab it now.

A talk in Paris

Yesterday I was in Paris, giving a talk to GUTenberg about LaTeX3 as part of their user meeting. The event was very well attended, and ‘official’ video recording will be available of all of the presentations. People seem very keen to hear talk I was giving, so I recorded the audio and have put it together with the slides as a video (thanks to UK-TUG for use of their Vimeo account!). I do hope it all makes sense!