siunitx v2.3: consolidation

I’m making a start on the next release of siunitx: v2.3. There are a number of issues in the database targeting this release, and these are mainly about dealing with things behind the scenes. Some options need revision, and I need to improve the table code somewhat. However, I doubt that there will be much to excite users. That’s not necessarily a bad thing: there seem to be a lot of siunitx users, and I don’t want to break the code! Of course, if there is a particular issue that needs addressing then the usual rule applies: make a case to me and I’ll see what I can do.

TeX Live 2011 pretest builds available

Now that TeX Live 2010 is frozen, work has started on test builds for TeX Live 2011.  This is really part of a continuing evolution, and so there are (so far) no big surprises for me. Everything installed smoothly on my Mac, and I’ll be updating my PC tomorrow if I have a chance. I do hope other people are getting on with downloading the test code!

(For those people who, like me, are TeXworks fans, I notice that TeXworks v0.4.1 is included in the Mac version of TeX Live 2011 and so presumably in the Windows version too. Great work by everyone who helped getting it to build successfully on the Mac, and of course everywhere else!)

New Mac OS X TeXworks builds

As many readers will know, the TeXworks project aims to provide a cross-platform TeX editor. A key requirement for that is that end-users can get a working version of the code. On Windows, that’s not too bad as the main developers provide pre-build binaries with reasonable frequency. On Linux, there are a number of pre-built versions available for different distros, and building from the source tends to be a case of following a recipe. That leaves Mac OS X, where life has been awkward for a while. Luckily, after a period where not much happened there are now some experienced people looking at this. Charlie Sharpsteen seems to be getting on well with sorting out the issues, and has just posted builds for Snow Leopard and for Leopard for the current development code. For me, these look good, so we’re hopefully in a position where TeXworks on the Mac continues to grow.